Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria: Official Statement on Cultural Appropriation, Respect and Facism

  • Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria honors our Ancestors, an Indigenous, moon-worshiping, hunter-gatherer tribe of the european continent. We seek to rediscover the living history, spirituality and culture of our people where it survives across the European continent.

  • Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria respects the sovereignty of Euskera Herriak - the Basque people, land, history and culture as well as all surviving Indigenous people of the European continent and bordering lands.

  • Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria encourages people of European heritage to seek their ancestors with great humility and offer respect to those who continue to live within traditional homelands.

  • Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria recognizes facism and imperialist nationalism has resulted in the genocide of people in Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere, and by consequence has made some people of European descent reluctant to, or opposed to, exploration of their own Indigenous heritage which is theirs by birthright. Iladurarrak Herria denounces all forms of this facism including the Nazi, Neo-Nazi, and Aryan movements. Nie wieder faschismus.

  • Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria advocates for full recognition of human rights, treaties, treaty rights, and all related agreements that affirm the autonomy and sovereignty of Indigenous nations, including preservation of traditional tribal laws and councils and freedom from outside government and corporate manipulation.

  • Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria offers support to traditional Indigenous nations in their efforts to preserve and protect their culture, sacred objects, and sacred places from appropriation, commercialization, and desecration.

  • Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria honors the coming together of nations from the Four Directions, believing that all Indigenous peoples hold essential place-based wisdom that makes up the sacred bundle which keeps Mother Earth and all her children healthy and alive.

    Ohizko Iladurarrak Herria: Official Statement on Cultural Appropriation, Respect and Facism. Version 3. Updated: April 13, 2007.