Ematezu, Kaixo, Greetings

Welcome to the official website. The Iladurarrak, which means Sacred Moon People, is an indigenous tribe of northwest Europe who has reemerged during this time of great change as people of European heritage hear the voices of our Asabak - our Ancestors, and are called back to Zahar Ohitura - the traditional ways of our people.

We return through the power of our living history, which lives in Amalur - Mother Earth. Indigenous people will recognize this path to the sacred knowledge of our Ancestors and Spirits, who never die and are accessible to those who honor and learn from them.

We are one family in the larger complex of Aquitanian tribes through which the modern Basque survive. Our historic homeland ranges across coastal plains, mountains and river valleys of northwest Europe. Here, we developed a rich and colorful history dating back for thousands of years before disturbance by the encroaching wave of Indo-European cultures.

We welcome people of European heritage to learn more about your history and culture. We invite our indigenous guests, researchers, and those of you who are not of European heritage to learn more about us.

MoonLight is full of features moon phase calculator (online, and cross-platform iOS, Windows, MacOS application) related to Moon’s calendar such as determining the phase of the moon, astrology moon sign, as well as Void-of-Course Duration for a given date, accompanied with help text on covered aspects. Information display is configurable. For instance, you can switch to week or month view.
Knowing the moon’s phase can describe the day’s energy. Moon signs reflect the day’s humor, whereas the Void-of-Course intervals can suggest you a time when it is preferable to go for particular activities.