Enhance your crop productivity by aid of lunar gardening calendar

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Every natural thing have some or the other kind of correlation with each other. These relationships may be close or distant. Such a relationship has been observed between growth of plants and the movement of moon like lunar phases control the moisture content in the soil. It's observed that moisture content of soil touches its peak during phases of full moon and new moon. To enhance plant growth to the maximum lunar gardening principles are kept in consideration by modern day gardeners. To study the phases of the moon in perspective of gardening practices lunar gardening calendars are made.

A lunar gardening calendar aids you to make proficient selection of crops during different lunar phases. Lunar gardening calendar gives you a guesstimate of moisture variation in accordance moon phases and moon paths. A lunar gardening calendar aids in deciding the apt time for harvest and sowing of plants. Lunar gardening calendar can be viewed online and can be downloaded free cost. Free lunar gardening calendars available online gives you pictorial representation of phases of moon, moon paths as well as suggestions regarding the crops to be sown and harvested. The use of lunar gardening calendar ensures maximal yield of plants.